Compromise – Good or Bad?

Compromise – Good or Bad?

Most Americans are frustrated by the polarization and ineffectiveness of government.  Just look at the approval ratings.

Compromise, once seen as a virtue in America, is now seen by extremists in both parties as a sign of weakness or a betrayal of their core principles.

Yet, compromise is needed for democracy to work.

We are a diverse nation of people with many viewpoints and a democracy represents all its citizens, and their elected officials must work together to find common ground, or the democracy will fail. 

Ronald Reagan (Republican President) and Tip O’Neill (Democratic Speaker of the House) partnership if often held up as an example of how politicians from opposing parties can work together.  The “Ron and Tip” partnership was based on mutual respect despite differing views allowing them to serve the common good of the people in the interest of effective governance. 

Our elected representatives must negotiate and compromise to find common ground.  It’s the only way to pass lasting legislation and make good decisions. It’s up to the American people to elect leaders that are willing to work together, or the divide and ineffectiveness of our government will get even worse. 

E Pluribus Unum: Out of Many, One.

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