What does “Fair-Trade” mean and why should you care?

What does “Fair-Trade” mean and why should you care?

Fair Trade is a social and economic movement that aims to provide fair wages and better working conditions for producers, particularly in developing countries. Key principles of Fair Trade include:

  • Fair Prices: Ensures that producers receive fair prices for their products.
  • Fair Labor Conditions: Improve labor conditions for workers. This includes ensuring safe working environments, reasonable working hours, and the right to unionize.
  • Community Development: Support community development projects.
  • Sustainability: Encourages environmentally sustainable production.
  • Empowerment: Fair Trade aims to empower marginalized and disadvantaged producers, particularly women and indigenous communities, by providing them with economic opportunities and a stronger voice in decision-making processes.

I’m proud to say we support Fair Trade as slateavenue.com.  Our latest find is the Naya Nayon hammocks. 

A Naya Nayon hammock is a jewel for your garden or house! They are premium, quality hammocks that are a unique blend of European style and South American craftmanship. Comfortable and sturdy - These hammocks are woven, and hand finished by the Otavalo Indians in the northern Andes of Ecuador, South America. It is a small family run business that takes pride in their work to create a hammock that is authentic, beautiful, and durable. Each hammock is woven so thick that it will give you years of joy.

The Indians of Otavalo have been weavers for over 500 years. Ecuador is known for its rich tradition of hammock-making, using traditional techniques and materials. Only Fair-Trade practices are used in bringing these authentic hammocks to you. All artisans are paid a fair wage and work in safe conditions.

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