Why Coconut Wax Candles?

Why Coconut Wax Candles?

At Slate Avenue LLC, we have been busy looking for new high-quality products for your home. We also prefer for these products to be eco-friendly and made in America. Recently, we added a new line of candles that you might be interested in.

These candles are 100% natural and made from Coconut Wax and Essential Oils (no paraffins or GMO ingredients here)! Coconut Wax candles are made from sustainable crops, are toxin free, and one of the cleanest burning candles on the market. You can feel safe burning them indoors and they produce less soot than other candles. More good news is that they burn slower and throw off a better scent than soy candles.

Lastly, they are MADE IN AMERICA and we offer FREE Shipping!

Your satisfaction is always guaranteed with FREE returns if you ever have a problem.

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