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Blue-purple Geo Alpaca Cap

Blue-purple Geo Alpaca Cap

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Fleece lined blue-purple Geo Alpaca Cap in primarily a deep purple color which appears blue at first glance on this subtly colored alpaca design. Accented with rich black and lively burning yellow-orange designs throughout. Topped with tassels for fun! A rich, cheerful, stylish and comfy fashion item for the winter.

Materials : 50% Alpaca fur fiber, 50% Acrylic. Fleece lined. SizeOne size fits most women and men.  Handmade in Peru.

Alpaca fur fiber is some of the silkiest and most versatile fiber from nature. It has been described as stronger than mohair, finer than cashmere, smoother than silk, softer than cotton, warmer than goose down, and better breathing than thermal knits.  Other benefits are that it is not scratchy, it’s flame resistant, water resistant, can wick away moisture, is lanoline free (hypoallergenic), lightweight, washable, shrink resistant and sustainably produced. 

We are proud to carry the PurelyAlpaca brand of quality alpaca clothing and gifts from California. Their products are Handmade, cruelty-free, and sustainably produced and not harmful to the environment in any way. (Eco-Friendly).   Unlike wool, harsh chemicals are not needed in to process alpaca as it contains no lanolin oils. Their farm won a "Conservation Farm of Merit Award" for practicing smart and-friendly farming practices. PurelyAlpaca supports the American alpaca industry by purchasing from small US alpaca farms and businesses and manufacturing their own alpaca products in the USA whenever possible. In addition, they do Social Good by importing handmade products from Peru.

Buy with confidence - if you are not completely satisfied, just return it and we will refund your money.  

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