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Chunky Black Stripe Alpaca Throw Blanket

Chunky Black Stripe Alpaca Throw Blanket

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Add texture to your sofa or bedroom with a chunky alpaca throw! This is sure to be your favorite cuddle buddy and the classic stripes never go out of style on this alpaca blanket. Alpaca fiber is considered by the fashion industry to be one the greenest, most natural, and softest fibers in the world. It is prized for its unique silky and luxurious feel and has a lesser tendency to pilling.  This fiber comes from small artisanal farmers in the Peruvian highlands who work by traditional farming methods and a close eye is kept on sustainability.

Material: 75% Alpaca, 25% Merino Wool.  Measurements:    L 62" x W 48" + Fringe. Color: black + snow white. Handmade with love in Peru. As with all handcrafted goods, there are slight variations making each piece a work of art and truly one of a kind.

We are proud to sell the Women owned brand of Slate & Salt, which produces Handmade, one-of-a kind pieces while preserving traditional techniques and supporting the Fair-Trade movement. You will love their beauty and craftmanship. What you wear and how you chose to shop says a lot about who you are. As a socially conscious buyer you are positively impacting the world by enabling rural artisans in underdeveloped nations to support their families and continue to live in their own communities. When you purchase ethically produced goods you are helping to break the cycle of poverty by supporting programs that empower women entrepreneurs and educate children. The economic empowerment gives them the opportunity to stay in their villages. Buying this product results in Social Good.

Buy with confidence - if you are not completely satisfied, just return it and we will refund your money. Care: Hand wash cold with mild detergent. Reshape while wet and lay flat to dry.

Artisan Profile - Allpa is a weaving collective that has 80 small to midsize workshops located throughout Peru. Through their textile production they support the growth of artisans, provide access to the global marketplace, and preserve Peruvian culture. The alpaca live mostly without any boundaries in the highlands of the Peruvian Andes and are not harmed during the shearing process. Alpaca is the only animal that produces up to 28 natural colors and can be blended into an infinite array of natural shades from inky black to warm chestnuts and snowy white. It is easily dyed in any color (without using any harsh chemicals) and always retains its natural luster. It is supple and smooth to the touch, softer than cashmere, and warmer and stronger than lamb’s wool. It contains microscopic air pockets which create lightweight clothing with excellent insulating properties. 


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