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Nica Handmade Hammock From Nicaragua

Nica Handmade Hammock From Nicaragua

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Relax in this beautiful, sustainably sourced, and artfully crafted hammock from Nicaragua made from 100% cotton and wood. Our backyard hammocks are designed to be extremely comfortable, long-lasting, and a uniquely aesthetic addition to your home. This hammock can be used as an outdoor hammock or an indoor hammock.

We are proud to carry the Love For Nica brand of high-quality goods that are 100% Handmade in Nicaragua and are also Socially Good by providing job opportunities to the Nicaraguan people while promoting Fair Trade.

Dimensions:  141 inches end-to-end (max-height of 86 inches), and 43 inches wide. Available in Natural White and Multi-Color. Perfect for two people, and a luxurious option for one.

Buy with confidence - if you are not completely satisfied, just return it and we will refund your money.

Hammock Safety Recommendations:  Weight Capacity is 250 pounds - Never exceed this limit. Child cannot jump on product or use it like a playground swing or toy. This hammock or swing is ONLY meant to be swung at a maximum of 2 feet in either direction. Young children should not use this hammock without adult supervision, and infants should never be placed in it. Be certain that chains/cords are not twisted prior/during use. To use securely, place your weight in the center of the hammock bed, not on the edges, move slowly. Hammock or Swing MUST be installed into a wooden beam. It’s imperative you seek professional assistance to ensure the product is safely and securely installed. This swing is entirely made by hand. While certain quality control processes are in place, it’s important to thoroughly inspect the product prior to initial use. Inspect the swing for damage or excessive wear-and-tear before each use. This product has not been subjected to any additional industrial testing. We recommend storing the swing in a cool dry place when not in use. Hammock or Swing can be used indoors and outdoors. For outdoor use we recommend protecting your product with ScotchGuard Water and Sun Shield or similar product.

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