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Sand Collection Deep Decorative Bowl

Sand Collection Deep Decorative Bowl

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Make your next fruit purchase a party with our limited-edition deep decorative bowl. Although this centerpiece bowl is bold enough to stand alone on any surface, we recommend filling it with something your guests can’t resist snacking on so that they can’t keep their eyes off it. A fantastic large fruit bowl or anything bowl. The Sand Collection is a limited-edition, once each piece is gone, it’s gone forever!

Eco-friendly Ceramic, Handmade, one-off Unique Design, Made In The USA

Laughter, warmth, family, and friends; that’s what the women-owned, LateSummer brand is all about. They believe creating an experience that becomes a long-lasting memory is the truest approach to a happy lifestyle. With both function and form in mind, the products have been curated to make the little things more enjoyable. Whether you’re wanting to savor some alone time or about to entertain a full house, we’ve got you.

4” H x 9.5” D, Hand wash

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