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White Rose Scent Coconut Wax Candle

White Rose Scent Coconut Wax Candle

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Beautiful white rose scent that will your room with a fragrance that is sure to please.

This clean-burning, toxin-free candle, was formulated using 100% botanical all-natural
coconut wax, infused fragrance oil and cotton wicks. Through great research and
testing, this Les Crème candle is the healthiest and best-scented candle on the
market today! Made in America, organic, handmade and eco friendly. 

Mini (4 oz): For dressers, countertops, nightstands – basically everywhere. Burns
for 30-40 hours. 2.6” in diameter and 2" in height.
Large (8 oz): For big rooms, spaces with high ceilings, and those who want a
stronger scent throw. Burns for 70-80 hours. 2.6” in diameter and 3.75” in

Once the candle's gone, we hope you'll re-use it. Clean it out and you've got a new
planter or pencil holder – or whatever you want! 

Buy with confidence - if you are not completely satisfied, just return it and we
will refund your money. 

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